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Marine and Coastal Science Major Lead Mentor Courses Fall: Professional Development in Marine Science Course Description

ANS 198 2023 is a professional development course for sophomore, junior, and first-year transfer students interested in a career in marine science. This course is composed of 9 2-hour discussion-based classes and assignments. We designed each component of this course with the intention to equip you with the tools, understanding, and confidence to navigate your undergraduate experience in marine science.

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MCS Lead Mentor Courses:

The MCS Lead Mentor teaches courses in Fall, Winter, and Spring that prepare MCS majors for their future. The courses include professional development, career exploration, and a seminar series journal club.

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Resource Topics:
  • Peer Mentorship

  • These resources have been compiled and maintained by each of the past MCS Lead Mentors.

8 Tips to Ask a Professor to Be Your Mentor

"Interacting with your professors can be one of the most rewarding parts of your experience as an undergraduate student. Many students benefit greatly from having a professor who serves as a mentor — that is, someone in your area of interest who guides, advises, and supports you to help advance your education and career." 

Undergraduate Student Researchers Unveil Science Communication Videos

Students in BIS 124 (Coastal Marine Research) completed 2021 Summer Sessions at the Bodega Marine Laboratory by compiling the research they conducted during the course into these engaging and innovative 3-minute videos for a general audience. Join them as they meet urchins, crabs, snails, and bat stars in videos that integrate their training in research and science communication.

Feeling a Little Crabby

Sujung Chung and Yessica Gonzalez Cortes

2021 Commencement

Congratulations to the 2021 Marine and Coastal Science Major Graduates!

We celebrate all of you and the enthusiasm, passion, and dedication to marine science that has brought you here, and will lead you to revolutionize scientific understanding of our field, communicate, connect, and engage with communities, and become educators, researchers, and world-changers.

Demystifying Undergraduate Research Experiences

For many undergraduate students interested in pursuing marine science as a career, getting research experience (even if its research units required for your degree) is a necessary, and sometimes intimidating, process. 

Below, CMSI's 2020-21 Lead Mentor Priya Shukla shares some of her thoughts on finding and learning from her undergraduate research experiences.

Ask A Grad Student

Please Note: These answers represent the views of the Grad students who respond to them. Consult with your academic advisor before making any high-impact decisions about, or changes to, your academic plan.

2020 Commencement

Congratulations to the UC Davis Marine and Coastal Science Major Class Of 2020!


Tessa Filipczyk - Camille Frias - Jeffrey Nishimura - Michael P. Montgomery - Tina Nguyen - Jonathan Huang - Anyela Gonzalez Casillas - Amanda Outcalt - Scout Carlson - Alexandra Chu - Jaclyn Plasterer

Note: Some graduate names are not shown due to privacy requests, but we're super proud of all of them, too!!!

We also have a brand new Ph.D. to celebrate, congratulations to Dr. Melissa Ward!