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Resources for Students at BML

Resources for Students at the Bodega Marine Laboratory

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The following compendium was developed by Bodega Marine Laboratory (BML) graduate students as a guide for the student community, living and studying at BML, to connect to resources for academic, professional and personal support.

  • COVID-19 Resources for Students
  • COVID-19 Resources

    Please visit the Safety Plan & Operating Procedures for detailed information about mandatory requirements for all Bodega Marine Laboratory users.

    UC Davis Campus Ready COVID Information for Students and Families - a comprehensive plan for the gradual return of instruction, operations and research to campus in a way that helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. Keeping our campus community safe will take a collective effort, with every single person doing their part.

    California residents may be eligible for free COVID-19 virus testing (not antibody testing) through Logistics Health Incorporated. Please follow this link to select your state (CA) and follow the prompts to determine eligibility based on your resident county. This is not mandatory to work in the lab.

  • Undergraduate Research Support
  • If you are an undergraduate looking for research opportunities at Bodega Marine Laboratory, we recommend:

    Consider taking summer school classes, and contacting labs to enroll in independent research units. You can read about the labs at BML here.

    If you wish to pursue independent research during the school year, there are several resources to help you:

    After finding a lab accepting student researchers, we suggest that you either apply for independent research units, or pursue a funding opportunity to help offset costs.

    General information on funding can be found at the UC Davis Undergraduate Research Center, and a list of potential opportunities can be found in the Undergraduate Research Program Information Matrix.

    There are also Provost Undergraduate Research Fellowships that award students up to $1,800 to fund an independent project, with further information found at the UC Davis Provost's Undergraduate Fellowship (PUF) website.

  • Transportation to and from BML
  • To help offset student costs for transportation to and from BML, and increase connectivity between BML and main campus, there are several options:

    Note: We have suspended the UC Davis vehicle rental for the present, but hope to reinstate it in the future.

    If you are a graduate student traveling from BML to main campus and back, there is a vehicle available for your use, which includes paid gas and main campus parking. Instructions on how to use are below:

    Step 1: Read the user guidelines, and fill out form.

    Step 2: Sign up for travel dates on the Ride-Share Calendar. Be sure to sign up for both directions if you need round-trip transit. If you need to be picked up in Petaluma, be sure to mark "Y" in the cell under the travel date.

    Step 3: Communicate with your fellow day-of riders in advance as needed. Use the master contact list to get in contact with your fellow riders as needed.

    Step 4: Day-of Use - The designated driver is responsible for getting the key from the grad cube offices, printing out the list of riders for the week (from the online calendar), filling out the pre-launch checklist (a reusable version will live inside a binder within the vehicle), and the reverse for the ride back to BML.

    If these transportation options are not available to you, we encourage exploring other transportation options with your lab point of contact to minimize the need to drive and offset personal costs. If not, driving directions to BML can be found here (along with BML housing options, found here). Cellular service is patchy in western Sonoma County, so please plan accordingly.

  • Student Health Care
  •  General Healthcare

    For students located at BML permanently that do not have easy access to on-campus healthcare, there are several local healthcare options available to you that are covered by UC SHIP insurance. Use the guides below to find an in-network care provider. Note: it is the student’s responsibility to verify that any providers listed through the provided portals accept UC SHIP insurance before treatment.

    Primary Care/Medical Services

     UC Davis provides a list of approved in-network medical professionals, which may differ between post-docs, grad students etc. For grad students who are on UC insurance (not on an outside provider), you can search for many of these in-network providers by following the steps on this guideline. You may be required to get a referral for off-campus care; please verify this prior to making an appointment.

    Learn more about the specifics of UC SHIP coverage here.

    Vision Care

    Vision Care
    Vision Care

    UC Davis provides a list of approved in-network vision specialists, which may differ between post-docs, grad students etc. For grad students who are on UC insurance (not on an outside provider), you can search for many of these in-network providers by following the steps on this guideline.

    Learn more about the specifics of UC SHIP coverage here.

    Dental Care

    UC Davis provides a list of approved in-network dentists, which may differ between post-docs, grad students etc. For grad students who are on UC insurance (not on an outside provider), you can search for many of these in-network providers here (select “Delta Dental PPO” under “Plan”). For post-docs on UC insurance, search for in-network dentists here (select "Principal POS Plan" under "Please Choose the Network"). 

    However, some of the dental healthcare providers used by BML residents accepting UC insurance are listed below: 

    Delta Dental (grad students) 

    Nataliya Vorobets DDS, Family Dentistry, 318 S Main St, Sebastopol, CA 95472, (707) 823-3654 

    Dr. Eun Sub Jang DDS, 7138 Willow St, Sebastopol, CA 95472, (707) 823-5308

    Park Plaza Dental, 1476 Professional Drive, Suite 506, Petaluma, CA 94954

    Principal POS (post-docs) 

    Dr. Eun Sub Jang DDS, 7138 Willow St, Sebastopol, CA 95472, (707) 823-5308

  • Mental Health Resources
  • Virtual counseling: Student Health and Counseling Services has partnered with Live Health Online to provide access to psychologists via video conferencing using your smartphone or tablet. You can schedule visits that are convenient for you, in a location of your choosing. Use the coupon code UCDCOUNSELING to receive these visits at no charge.

    Mental health staff are also available 24 hours a day 7 days a week by phone at (530) 752-2349. Follow the prompts to reach a mental health counselor.

    In person counseling requires a referral from your primary care physician, which can typically be done by contacting you physician online via student health. They can then refer you to a local specialist.

    Other general information on UCD (main) campus mental health resources:

    Office of UC Davis Graduate Studies Counseling Services

    Student Health and Counseling Services

  • Professional Development Resources
  • Be sure to join the appropriate mail lists. CMSI regularly hosts workshops, panels, and symposiums to practice your presentation and networking skills.

    Another organization to join - the Bodega Marine Sciences Association (BMSA) provides opportunities to engage in community outreach and learn about activities at BML.

    We working to bring professional development workshops out to Bodega Marine Laboratory, but for now check out the Grad Studies Professional Development page for information on resources provided on campus.  

    NCFDD (you can activate your UC Davis institutional membership here) also offers a wide variety of online resources and webinars.

    Grad Pathways provides PDFs and audio recordings of professional development campus-based workshops.

    If you TA on campus, you can take advantage of FREE TA consultations through the Center for Educational Effectiveness. This center also provides quarterly workshops (on campus) for graduate students.

    Ask your advisor and/or committee about professional development opportunities they would suggest!

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Diversity Statement for Bodega Marine Laboratory and Bodega Marine Reserve

    UC Davis Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    Graduate Diversity at UC Davis

  • Conflict Resolution
  • General information on UC Davis problem and dispute resolution resources.

    Campus resources can visit BML to help facilitate conflict resolution. If you wish to utilize these resources, please contact Jean-Pierre Delplanque.

  • Information Technology
  • BML IT Resources for

    Summer Undergraduate Students

    Graduate Students & Post Docs

  • Housing
  • A variety of housing arrangements are available at BML, for details see BML Housing Information.

    Local residential rental information may be found on Craigslist or Zillow.