The Bodega Marine Laboratory campus is ~1 mile from the Housing Enclave, an easy walk or bike ride from Housing.

A variety of accommodation options are available for visitors.

  • Furniture includes beds, dressers and desks. Each room is stocked with pillows and blankets, sheets and towels, except for classes.
  • Cleaning supplies are in marked closet of every building. 
  • Laundromat is available outside the main foyer of the dining room.
  • Custodians and/or the Housing Manager check units periodically. Maid service is not provided.
  • Some units come with a kitchen, or access to self service kitchenette, dependent on the particular housing assignment. 
  • A vending machine can be found in the dining hall with laundry soap, ear plugs, snacks and drinks.

Contact the Housing Manager for information on accommodations.

Contact the Conference & Events Manager for information regarding event spaces.

The Housing Office is located in the south side end room of Tokau. Here you can find Chris Montgomery, our maintenance worker, and Branden Schumacher, our custodian, their contact numbers are posted on the door, or you may leave them a note. 

Apply for Housing or Laboratory Space

See Rates for Accommodations