Top down view of teal waves sweeping across a light pink, sandy shore

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Tideline is the Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute's quarterly newsletter. In each issue, you'll hear about the latest developments in research, education, and outreach. From a deep dive into kelp forests to in-depth interviews with faculty and researchers, there's always something new to explore and discover. Below, you can read past issues and sign up for our mailing list to receive upcoming issues.

Past Issues of Tideline:

Issue #40 - Summer 2022

Issue #39 - Spring 2022

Issue #38 - Winter 2022

Issue #37 - Fall 2021

Issue #36 - Summer 2021

Issue #35 - Spring 2021

Issue #34 - Winter 2020

Issue #33 - Fall 2020

Issue #32 - Summer 2020

Issue #31 - Spring 2020

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