BML Recharge Rates

All BML recharge rates are subject to a 36.0% Non-University Differential (NUD) fee for non-University clients effective 7/1/2022.

Apply to Use BML or BMR Resources

BML & BMR Use Application

Use this system to apply for Housing, Laboratory or Reserve resources. 

  • Per UC policy, University-approved recharge rates include a Non-University Differential (NUD)* for all non-University users for the use of facilities, resources and/or services that operate as self-supporting activities.
  • The NUD is a component of the University’s federally negotiated indirect cost rate and is applied to recover indirect costs incurred by BML when providing services to non-University users. The NUD is derived from the Total Facilities and Administration Cost Rate (F&A) charged to sponsors of contracts and grants.
  • Components that are not typically utilized by outside clients, including Library, Sponsored Project Administration, and Equipment, are deducted from the F&A to arrive at the NUD.

The Budget & Institutional Analysis (BIA) division of UC Davis has determined that Non-UC affiliate researchers who hold a Research Associate (WOS) courtesy appointment at BML are not exempted from the NUD assessment.

For multi-year budget planning, we recommend adding an escalator of 3%/yr for all recharge services. UC policy requires that all BML recharge rates be reviewed annually and adjusted as appropriate to ensure full cost recovery.

Housing and Conference Rates

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Tenant Space Rates

Note: All BML recharge rates are subject to a 36% Non-University Differential (NUD) assessment for non-University clients.

Effective 7/1/2022

Main Building

  • Office Space - $44.87 sf/yr (includes reasonable use of electricity)
  • Dry Laboratory Space - $44.87 sf/yr 
  • Wet Laboratory Space - $44.87 sf/yr (does not include seawater)
  • Seawater - $0.000391 gal/yr (total gal/yr to be estimated)
  • Aquariums - 50 Gal - $17.39/month

Outside Facilities (Includes reasonable use of electricity, < 750 kwh/month)

  • Greenhouse Space - $10.41 sf/yr 
  • Freezer/Space Storage - $20.54 sf/yr 
  • Dive Locker - $10.74 sf/yr 
  • Outside Ground Space - $11.39 sf/yr 

Aquatic Resources Group Recharge Rate

Effective 10/1/2022

  •  $73/Hr

More on the Aquatic Resources Group

Small Boat Hourly Rates

Effective 1/1/2023

Use requires a launch preparation fee equal to one hour per cruise at the applied rate in addition to total engine hours used. All rates include fuel.

Hard Hull Class: - $86/Hr

  • Cape Horn 19′ Fiberglass center console outboard
  • Seahorse 20’ workskiff w/ shade canopy & forward work deck, outboard + kicker

Larger Hard Hull - $225/Hr

  • Sturgeon 27’ workskiff w/ enclosed cabin, aft work deck, electric davit, twin outboards

Inflatables Class - $75/Hr

  • Henricia 15’ open hypalon inflatable, outboard
  • Captain Morgan 10′ open RHIB Inflatable, outboard

Daily Rates:

  • Kayak Class - $36/day - Several one and two-paddler kayaks available

Kayak use requires advance checkout by authorized BML personnel; See kayak-specific guidelines.

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Research Vessel Mussel Point Hourly Rate

Effective 1/1/2023

Use requires a launch preparation fee equal to one hour per cruise at the applied rate in addition to total engine hours used.

  • Rate (includes fuel, captain & deckhand) - $381/Hr

More on the R/V Mussel Point

Marine Operations Labor Rate

Effective 10/1/2022

Additional deckhand, licensed boat operator for recharge activities, excursion group leader, instructional assistance, other watercraft-related labor

  • $77/Hr

Boating Safety Program Tuition Rates

Motorboat Operation Training Course & CA Course for Safe Boating

Effective 7/1/2022

*UC Rate = $1,000 per person

Physical Plant Recharge Rate

Effective 10/1/2022

  •  $97/Hr

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