Two people holding up posters illustrating scientific information about marine creatures
Garfield Kwan and Dana Song. (Courtesy Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego)

Squidtoons: A Science Communication Cartoon Series

Meet Scientists Garfield Kwan and Dana Song, Creators of Squidtoons

It’s 2020 and aquarists just discovered how to breed seadragons in-house: a combination of proper lighting, noise, tank size, and more. 

This finding may not have been a news headliner, but two scientists wanted to get the word out. Garfield Kwan and Dana Song designed a cartoon where one seadragon was complaining about improper date night lighting, too much noise to hear flirting, and a too-small house. 

The duo are the creators of Squidtoons, a comic series designed to make science digestible, fun, and engaging while helping to educate the public about marine biology and the environment.


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