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The Pathways Program

From left to right, Mandy Rousseau (Marine and Coastal Sciences & Earth and Space Sciences Academic Advisor), Dr. Claire McKinley, and Dr. Alyssa Griffin.

“Everyone is inherently valuable,” states Dr. Claire McKinley, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science at Bellevue College, “there has to be room for students coming from different places with different perspectives.” Paired with Dr.

How Students Dive into Marine Science at UC Davis

UC Davis junior Caroline Donohew watched the everyday power of biology in just five minutes during her summer session class at UC Davis’ Bodega Marine Laboratory, or BML, a coastal research and education facility about 100 miles west of campus. 

While observing a mussel’s muscle through a microscope, “I saw it create a byssal thread in real time,” said Donohew, who is from San Anselmo. “And it was just so cool.” 

Mussels have an actual muscle called a foot that secretes a “liquid that hardens when it comes into contact with seawater,” Donohew explained. “They stick their little foot down on the rock, pull it back and there’s a thread.”

Summer Session Students Make a Splash with Short Films

Coastal Marine Research (BIS 124) was taught at Bodega Marine Laboratory during Summer Session I by Professor Eric Sanford. Undergraduate students in this course receive training in all aspects of the research process while conducting independent research projects in teams of two. Students also develop communication skills by sharing their findings with other scientists through written reports and oral presentations.

An additional component of this course trains students to communicate their research effectively to the public by producing science outreach videos. Students highlighted their research projects for a general audience in 3-minute films that premiered in a Film Festival at Bodega Marine Lab on August 1 and are available to watch below.

An Undergraduate's Guide to Bodega Marine Laboratory

An Interview with Sophie Pritchard, 2022-23 Bodega Marine Laboratory Peer Advisor, and UC Davis Coastal and Marine Science Major, Class of 2023

*All images in the article provided by Sophie.