Recent Publications

Publications from CMSI affiliates in the past quarter:


James N. Sanchirico, Timothy E. Essington (2021) Direct and ancillary benefits of ecosystem based fisheries management in forage fish fisheries, Ecological Applications

Andrew L. Rypel, Parsa Saffarinia, et al., (2021) Goodbye to “Rough Fish”: Paradigm Shift in the Conservation of Native Fishes, American Fisheries Society

Andrew W. Naslund, Brittany E. Davis, et al., (2021) Warming, not CO2-acidified seawater, alters otolith development of juvenile Antarctic emerald rockcod (Trematomus bernacchii), Polar Biology

Melissa A. Ward, Tessa M. Hill, et al., (2021) Blue carbon stocks and exchanges along the California coast, Biogeosciences

Mark Lubell, Mark Stacey & Michelle A. Hummel  (2021) Collective action problems and governance barriers to sea-level rise adaptation in San Francisco Bay, Climatic Change

Matthieu Leray, Laetitia G. E. Wilkins, et al., (2021) Natural experiments and long-term monitoring are critical to understand and predict marine host–microbe ecology and evolution, PLOS Biology

Kristy J. Kroeker and Eric Sanford (2021) Ecological Leverage Points: Species Interactions Amplify the Physiological Effects of Global Environmental Change in the Ocean, Annual Review of Marine Science

Veronica Padilla Vriesman, Sandra J. Carlson, Tessa M. Hill (2021) Investigating controls of shell growth features in a foundation bivalve species: seasonal trends and decadal changes in the California mussel, Biogeosciences

Victoria M.Watson-Zink (2021) Making the grade: Physiological adaptations to terrestrial environments in decapod crabs, Arthropod Structure and Development

Hannah M. Palmer, Veronica Padilla Vriesman, et al., (2021) Holocene climate and oceanography of the coastal Western United States and California Current System, Climate of the Past

Carlos Chávez, Håkan Eggert, and Matthew Reimer (2021) Economics of Marine Resources in the Global South—Meeting the Challenge of Agenda 2030, Marine Resource Economics

Noah H. Rose, Rachael A. Bay, et al., (2021) Genomic analysis of distinct bleaching tolerances among cryptic coral species, Proceedings of the Royal Society B