Seminar Recordings

2023 Seminar Series:

"It's not muddy - we need our sediment to survive"
Doug George – Nov 8, 2023

"Leveraging old monitoring programs for new insights into San Francisco Estuary temperature trends"
Sam Bashevkin – Nov 1, 2023

"Restoration of kelp forest habitat in Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary"
Rietta Hohman – Oct 25, 2023

"Climate change in the coastal zone: social and ecological interactions at the land-ocean interface"
Rachel Carlson, Oct 4, 2023

"The future of Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems: from observations to management"
Francisco Chavez, Sept 27, 2023

"Seabirds, Sentinels, and Spatial Models: Linking seabirds and environmental variability within California Current and North Pacific marine ecosystems"
Brian Hoover, Sept 20, 2023

"Watershed-coastal connections through Mediterranean and semi-arid estuaries: physical processes, anthropogenic influences, and potential ecological consequences"
Megan Williams August 30, 2023

"Changes in the California coastal upwelling system in recent decades"
Marisol Garcia-Reyes August 23, 2023

"Sensitivity of populations to environmental variability and identifying climate change refugia in coastal ecosystems"
Dr. Mikaela Provost July 26, 2023

"Modeling marine food webs to study their sustainability in a changing world"
Dr. Fernanda Valdovinos June 28, 2023

"Organismal Biology, Acid-Base Regulation, and Otolith Biomineralization under Future Climate Scenarios"
Dr. Garfield Kwan June 14, 2023

"The kelp microbiome & effects of ocean warming on bull kelp in the Salish Sea"
Dr. Brooke Weigel 5/31/2023

2022 Seminar Series:

"Using otolith and genetic barcoding analysis to train a diverse workforce in Fisheries Ecology"
Dr. Jose Jarrin 8/17/2022

"Biophysical dynamics of plankton across spatial scales in the California Current"
Helen Julia Killeen 8/12/2022

"Spatial variability of coral reefs across scales and the (occasional) emergence of predictability"
Dr. Stuart Sandin 7/27/2022

"The Stars Realign after Sea Star Wasting Disease – The role of sea stars in rocky intertidal and kelp forest ecosystems"
Dr. Sarah Gravem 7/20/2022

"Science and Getting Sh*t Done."
Dr. Sara Hamilton 7/13/2022

"Enhancing aquaculture resiliency and outcomes through the lens of ecophysiology"
Dr. Alyssa Frederick 6/22/2022

"Assessing the Capacity for Evolutionary Adaptation to Climate Change Stressors in Oysters and Fish"
Dr. Joanna Griffiths 5/18/2022

"The stability and functioning of multitrophic communities"
Dr. Mallarie Yeager 5/4/2022

"Wave-driven changes in beach sand levels"
Dr. Bonnie Ludka 4/27/2022

"Metabolites shape host-microbe interactions in the sea"
Dr. Maggie Sogin 4/20/2022

"Feedback loops in kelp forest systems and their effects on fisheries and restoration management"
Dr. Marissa Baskett 4/13/2022

"Conservation lessons from an evolutionary saga of coastal invertebrates & climate change"
Dr. Erica Nielsen 4/6/2022

2021 Seminar Videos:

"Interactions between marine organisms and their chemical environment"
Aaron Takeo Ninokawa 9/28/21

"Coral cells, genomics and disease"
Dr. Nikki Traylor-Knowles 9/8/21

"Larval transport and dispersal in the nearshore: processes and breakthroughs for understanding population response to a changing ocean"
Jesús Pineda 9/1/21

"How remote sensing and big data are changing our view of the coast"
Dr. Kristen D Splinter 8/25/21

"Coping with Climate Change: Mechanisms of Carry Over Effects and Cross-Generational Plasticity in Marine Invertebrates"
Dr. Hollie Putnam 8/18/21

"Pushing the limits: Growth at extreme salinities"
Dr. Trystan Sanders 8/4/21

"The role of coastal marine sediments in carbon cycling from local to global scales"
Dr. Alyssa Griffin 7/28/21

"Attending to spatial complexity and equity in marine ecological research and conservation"
Dr. Daniel K. Okamoto 7/21/21

"Gone viral, the global emergence of an oyster-killing virus and its potential impacts on the shellfish industry"
Dr. Colleen Burge 7/14/21

"Building models & movements"
Dr. Talia Young 7/7/21

"Unlocking the mysteries of the inner tube of life: a gut-eyed view of nutritional ecology"
Dr. Donovan German 6/30/21

"Co-occurrence of California drought and Northeast Pacific marine heatwaves under climate change"
Dr. Daisy Hui Shi 6/23/21

"Environmental DNA & Biodiversity Assessments: Small Tools with Big Impacts"
Dr. Tiara Moore 6/2/21

"Advancing ecosystem knowledge for management decisions in the Alaskan Arctic Ocean"
Dr. Christina Bonsell 5/26/21

"Using traditional Māori knowledge and materials to assist shellfish restoration and reduce microplastic pollution in Ōhiwa harbour, Aotearoa New Zealand"
Kura Paul-Burke 5/19/21

"Oceanic impacts on the circulation and water quality within small low-inflow estuaries"
Sarah Giddings 5/5/21

"Sea Level Rise Science to Adaptation: Beaches as Buffers"
Melodie Grubbs 4/28/21

"Underwater forests in temperate latitudes: climate change impacts and restoration solutions"
Dr. Adriana Vergés 4/21/21

2020 Seminar Videos:

"Mechanisms of Eelgrass Resilience to Ocean Warming: Phenotypic Diversity Across Space and Time"
Dr. Katie DuBois 12/16/20

"Understanding the Dynamics of a Coastal Foundation Species Using Remote Sensing"
Dr. Tom Bell 10/28/20

"Heat Makes Mad Tuna"
Dr. Amina Schartup 10/14/20

"The Rise and Fall of Fishes: Macroevolution and Mass Extinction in Early Vertebrates"
Dr. Lauren Sallan 10/7/20

"Habitat Assessment in Bar-Built Ecosystems: Novel graph-based approaches to the analysis of spatial-temporal data"
Michael Koohafkan 9/30/20

"Increasing resilience to thermal stress in shallow water coral communities"
Dr. Vania Coelho 9/9/20

"Genomic resource development to support commercial and restoration aquaculture of abalone (Haliotis spp.)"
Dr. John Hyde 8/26/20

"From upwelling to ecosystems: biological hotspots in the California Current System"
Dr. Monique Messie 8/20/20

"Commercial Fisheries, Coastal Communities, and Local Economies: What Connects the Dots?"
Dr. Matt Reimer 8/14/20

"Influence of invasive submerged aquatic vegetation (E. densa) on currents and sediment transport in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta"
Dr. Jessie Lacy 8/7/20

"Spatial self-organization of Ecosystems: patterns, processes, and feedbacks"
Dr. Xiaoli Dong 7/29/20

"Shifting the "Diversity in Science" Mantra - A 2020 Path Forward"
Dr. Renetta Tull 7/22/20

"Implications of ecological and human-driven connections among fish populations in the California Current and across the Northern Hemisphere"
Dr. Kiva Oken 7/15/20

"Aquaculture Opportunities and Challenges in California – State Coordinator’s perspective"
Randy Lovell, 7/8/20

"Beyond the snapshot: what we can learn from capturing the broader picture around perturbation events in marine invertebrates"
Dr. Lauren Schiebelhut, 7/1/20

"Trophic relationships in the benthos: feeding morphology and ecology of macroinvertebrates"
Maya deVries, 6/24/20

"Seagrass responses to environmental changes: the herbivory perspective"
Gema Hernán, 6/3/20

"Long term variability of temperature, species range shifts, and insights into the future"
Julio Lorda, 5/27/20

"Oysters, and shells, and -omics, Oh My!"
Roxanne Banker, 5/13/20

"What happens when the bar closes? Causes and consequences of intermittent mouth closure in Californian estuaries"
John Largier, 5/6/20

"The Curious World of Seaweed: The Art & Science of our Pacific Coast Seaweeds and Kelp" - Josie Iselin, 4/29/20

Mediation of trophic cascades by anti-predatory responses" - Gabriel Ng, 12/6/19

“Climate Change Signal in a Century of Oyster Harvest and Invasion” - Jennifer Ruesink, 12/4/19

“Variations on a Theme: Patch Dynamics in Four Intertidal Communities” - Wayne Sousa, 11/20/19

“What Defines a Nursery? An Emerging View Across Life Histories and Scales” - Steven Litvin, 11/13/19

“Non-Consumptive Effects at the Intersection of Climate Change, Predator Identity, and Temporal Variation” Bodega Marine Laboratory Exit Seminar - Jason Sadowski, 11/5/19

“An Observational and Experimental Analysis of Eelgrass and its Epifaunal Community in Bodega Harbor, CA” Bodega Marine Laboratory Exit Seminar - Grace Ha, 10/25/19

"Chasing Harmful Algal Bloom Species using Cutting Edge Technology" - Holly Bowers, 10/23/19

“DNA Thermometry: A Universal Isotope Thermometer for All Domains of Life” - Ruth Blake, 10/16/19

"Ocean Acidification on Washington's Olympic & Southern Salish Sea" - Simone Alin, 10/10/19

“Corals on Acid - The Impact of Ocean Acidification on Coral Reefs a Field Study in Mexico” - Adina Paytan, 10/2/19

"Landscape ecology in the rocky intertidal: Opportunities for advancing discovery and innovation in intertidal research" - Corey Garza, 9/25/19

“Climate impacts to the California coast and beyond” - Patrick Barnard, 9/4/19

“Science in Action: Bridging the Gap Between Marine and Estuarine Science, Policy and Natural Resource Conservation” - Melanie Okoro, 8/28/19

“Creating a Near-Zero Emission Energy System” - Ken Caldeira, 8/21/19

“Coastal Upwelling and Climate Variability” - Marisol Garcia-Reyes, 8/14/19

“Fishing for Community: Fisheries as Social-Ecological Systems” - Angee Doerr, 8/7/19

“The Adaptive Arsenal of Crustacean Larvae Against Predatory and Environmental Stresses of the Plankton” Exit Seminar with Sam Bashevkin, 8/2/19

“The Hidden Diversity of Crustose Coralline Algae and Their Influence on Marine Biodiversity”- Raphael Ritson-Williams, 7/31/19

“Using Genomics to Unlock Animal Origins” - David Gold, 7/24/19

“Tackling Spiny Issues in Echinoid Phylogenetics Using Ultraconserved Elements” - Frances Armstrong, 7/17/19


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