Seminar Recordings

"The kelp microbiome & effects of ocean warming on bull kelp in the Salish Sea" - Dr. Brooke Weigel 5/31/2023

"Using otolith and genetic barcoding analysis to train a diverse workforce in Fisheries Ecology" - Dr. Jose Jarrin 8/17/2022

"Biophysical dynamics of plankton across spatial scales in the California Current" - Helen Julia Killeen 8/12/2022

"Spatial variability of coral reefs across scales and the (occasional) emergence of predictability" - Dr. Stuart Sandin 7/27/2022

"The Stars Realign after Sea Star Wasting Disease – The role of sea stars in rocky intertidal and kelp forest ecosystems" - Dr. Sarah Gravem 7/20/2022

"Science and Getting Sh*t Done." - Dr. Sara Hamilton 7/13/2022

"Enhancing aquaculture resiliency and outcomes through the lens of ecophysiology" - Dr. Alyssa Frederick 6/22/2022

"Assessing the Capacity for Evolutionary Adaptation to Climate Change Stressors in Oysters and Fish" - Dr. Joanna Griffiths 5/18/2022

"The stability and functioning of multitrophic communities" - Dr. Mallarie Yeager 5/4/2022

"Wave-driven changes in beach sand levels" - Dr. Bonnie Ludka 4/27/2022

"Metabolites shape host-microbe interactions in the sea" - Dr. Maggie Sogin 4/20/2022

"Feedback loops in kelp forest systems and their effects on fisheries and restoration management" - Dr. Marissa Baskett 4/13/2022

"Conservation lessons from an evolutionary saga of coastal invertebrates & climate change" - Dr. Erica Nielsen 4/6/2022

"Interactions between marine organisms and their chemical environment" - Aaron Takeo Ninokawa 9/28/21

"Coral cells, genomics and disease" - Dr. Nikki Traylor-Knowles 9/8/21

"Larval transport and dispersal in the nearshore: processes and breakthroughs for understanding population response to a changing ocean" - Jesús Pineda 9/1/21

"How remote sensing and big data are changing our view of the coast" - Dr. Kristen D Splinter 8/25/21

"Coping with Climate Change: Mechanisms of Carry Over Effects and Cross-Generational Plasticity in Marine Invertebrates" - Dr. Hollie Putnam 8/18/21

"Pushing the limits: Growth at extreme salinities" - Dr. Trystan Sanders 8/4/21

"The role of coastal marine sediments in carbon cycling from local to global scales" - Dr. Alyssa Griffin 7/28/21

"Attending to spatial complexity and equity in marine ecological research and conservation" - Dr. Daniel K. Okamoto 7/21/21

"Gone viral, the global emergence of an oyster-killing virus and its potential impacts on the shellfish industry" - Dr. Colleen Burge 7/14/21

"Building models & movements" - Dr. Talia Young 7/7/21

"Unlocking the mysteries of the inner tube of life: a gut-eyed view of nutritional ecology" - Dr. Donovan German 6/30/21

"Co-occurrence of California drought and Northeast Pacific marine heatwaves under climate change" - Dr. Daisy Hui Shi 6/23/21

"Environmental DNA & Biodiversity Assessments: Small Tools with Big Impacts" - Dr. Tiara Moore 6/2/21

"Advancing ecosystem knowledge for management decisions in the Alaskan Arctic Ocean" - Dr. Christina Bonsell 5/26/21

"Using traditional Māori knowledge and materials to assist shellfish restoration and reduce microplastic pollution in Ōhiwa harbour, Aotearoa New Zealand" - Kura Paul-Burke 5/19/21

"Oceanic impacts on the circulation and water quality within small low-inflow estuaries" - Sarah Giddings 5/5/21

"Sea Level Rise Science to Adaptation: Beaches as Buffers" - Melodie Grubbs 4/28/21

"Underwater forests in temperate latitudes: climate change impacts and restoration solutions" - Dr. Adriana Vergés 4/21/21

"Mechanisms of Eelgrass Resilience to Ocean Warming: Phenotypic Diversity Across Space and Time" - Dr. Katie DuBois 12/16/20

"Understanding the Dynamics of a Coastal Foundation Species Using Remote Sensing" - Dr. Tom Bell 10/28/20

"Heat Makes Mad Tuna" - Dr. Amina Schartup 10/14/20

"The Rise and Fall of Fishes: Macroevolution and Mass Extinction in Early Vertebrates" - Dr. Lauren Sallan 10/7/20

"Habitat Assessment in Bar-Built Ecosystems: Novel graph-based approaches to the analysis of spatial-temporal data" - Michael Koohafkan 9/30/20

"Increasing resilience to thermal stress in shallow water coral communities" - Dr. Vania Coelho 9/9/20

"Genomic resource development to support commercial and restoration aquaculture of abalone (Haliotis spp.)" - Dr. John Hyde 8/26/20

"From upwelling to ecosystems: biological hotspots in the California Current System" - Dr. Monique Messie 8/20/20

"Commercial Fisheries, Coastal Communities, and Local Economies: What Connects the Dots?" - Dr. Matt Reimer 8/14/20

"Influence of invasive submerged aquatic vegetation (E. densa) on currents and sediment transport in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta" - Dr. Jessie Lacy 8/7/20

"Spatial self-organization of Ecosystems: patterns, processes, and feedbacks" - Dr. Xiaoli Dong 7/29/20

"Shifting the "Diversity in Science" Mantra - A 2020 Path Forward" - Dr. Renetta Tull 7/22/20

"Implications of ecological and human-driven connections among fish populations in the California Current and across the Northern Hemisphere" - Dr. Kiva Oken 7/15/20

"Aquaculture Opportunities and Challenges in California – State Coordinator’s perspective" - Randy Lovell, 7/8/20

"Beyond the snapshot: what we can learn from capturing the broader picture around perturbation events in marine invertebrates" - Dr. Lauren Schiebelhut, 7/1/20

"Trophic relationships in the benthos: feeding morphology and ecology of macroinvertebrates" - Maya deVries, 6/24/20

"Seagrass responses to environmental changes: the herbivory perspective" - Gema Hernán, 6/3/20

"Long term variability of temperature, species range shifts, and insights into the future" - Julio Lorda, 5/27/20

"Oysters, and shells, and -omics, Oh My!" - Roxanne Banker, 5/13/20

"What happens when the bar closes? Causes and consequences of intermittent mouth closure in Californian estuaries" - John Largier, 5/6/20

"The Curious World of Seaweed: The Art & Science of our Pacific Coast Seaweeds and Kelp" - Josie Iselin, 4/29/20

Mediation of trophic cascades by anti-predatory responses" - Gabriel Ng, 12/6/19

“Climate Change Signal in a Century of Oyster Harvest and Invasion” - Jennifer Ruesink, 12/4/19

“Variations on a Theme: Patch Dynamics in Four Intertidal Communities” - Wayne Sousa, 11/20/19

“What Defines a Nursery? An Emerging View Across Life Histories and Scales” - Steven Litvin, 11/13/19

“Non-Consumptive Effects at the Intersection of Climate Change, Predator Identity, and Temporal Variation” Bodega Marine Laboratory Exit Seminar - Jason Sadowski, 11/5/19

“An Observational and Experimental Analysis of Eelgrass and its Epifaunal Community in Bodega Harbor, CA” Bodega Marine Laboratory Exit Seminar - Grace Ha, 10/25/19

"Chasing Harmful Algal Bloom Species using Cutting Edge Technology" - Holly Bowers, 10/23/19

“DNA Thermometry: A Universal Isotope Thermometer for All Domains of Life” - Ruth Blake, 10/16/19

"Ocean Acidification on Washington's Olympic & Southern Salish Sea" - Simone Alin, 10/10/19

“Corals on Acid - The Impact of Ocean Acidification on Coral Reefs a Field Study in Mexico” - Adina Paytan, 10/2/19

"Landscape ecology in the rocky intertidal: Opportunities for advancing discovery and innovation in intertidal research" - Corey Garza, 9/25/19

“Climate impacts to the California coast and beyond” - Patrick Barnard, 9/4/19

“Science in Action: Bridging the Gap Between Marine and Estuarine Science, Policy and Natural Resource Conservation” - Melanie Okoro, 8/28/19

“Creating a Near-Zero Emission Energy System” - Ken Caldeira, 8/21/19

“Coastal Upwelling and Climate Variability” - Marisol Garcia-Reyes, 8/14/19

“Fishing for Community: Fisheries as Social-Ecological Systems” - Angee Doerr, 8/7/19

“The Adaptive Arsenal of Crustacean Larvae Against Predatory and Environmental Stresses of the Plankton” Exit Seminar with Sam Bashevkin, 8/2/19

“The Hidden Diversity of Crustose Coralline Algae and Their Influence on Marine Biodiversity”- Raphael Ritson-Williams, 7/31/19

“Using Genomics to Unlock Animal Origins” - David Gold, 7/24/19

“Tackling Spiny Issues in Echinoid Phylogenetics Using Ultraconserved Elements” - Frances Armstrong, 7/17/19


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