Open Inquiry in Scientific Research Curriculum Materials

After completing a guided inquiry project, CAMEOS students, with the support of graduate fellows, pursue independent research projects on a topic of their choosing. Students develop their own scientific questions and methodology, collect and analyze data, and then develop presentations for the annual Bodega Marine Laboratory CAMEOS Student Research Symposium. Students work on a variety of systems and fellows have their own unique styles of guiding students through the research process.

Below is a collection of materials fellows have developed and found helpful for this stage of the program.

Developing scientific questions

Designing methodology

  • Designing Scientific Methods [PPT]: A PowerPoint presentation to guide students through designing methods for their research projects. Points out differences between what students will manipulate and what they will measure and walks students through the types of decisions they need to make to be accurate and consistent.

Analyzing data

Presenting data

Additional open inquiry resources

Funding for CAMEOS is provided by the National Science Foundation's GK-12 Program