Marine Debris Curriculum Materials - CAMEOS Graduate Fellows teamed with teachers to create research opportunities for high school and middle school students. At the beginning of each year, CAMEOS Fellows and Teachers first guided their students through a structured preliminary research project to teach students how to formulate scientific questions, design appropriate methodology, collect accurate data, analyze their results graphically, and draw appropriate conclusions. Many fellows used the current conservation issue of marine debris as a paradigm for the structured preliminary research project.

Sensory Ecology Curriculum Materials - Another example of a guided inquiry lesson plan: fellows collaborated with groups of students over several months to repeat the scientific process on topics of the students’ own choosing using open inquiry techniques. At the end of the school year, students from all of the schools presented their research at a symposium at the Bodega Marine Laboratory. The goal was to give students an authentic scientific experience by allowing them to pursue their own research interests from inception of a question to peer-review of their work.

Open Inquiry Curriculum Materials - a guided inquiry lesson plan

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