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Welcome to the Coastal Marine Sciences Institute news archive. Below is a collection of articles from or about CMSI from its launch in 2013.

Article title Category Subject Date added
Smith Fellowship Awarded to UC Davis Scientists Faculty honors Hughs, Brent 04/14/15
San Francisco Bay: The Ocean’s Watershed Bodega Marine Lab research Largier, John 04/06/15
Oceans slow to heal from climate change CMSI research Moffitt, Sarah 04/05/15
Sea change: What took decades to destroy in oceans took millennia to recover CMSI research Moffitt, Sarah 03/30/15
CMSI holds inaugural research symposium Events CMSI Research Symposium 03/19/15
Bodega Bay Marine Lab Successfully Breeds Endangered Abalone Bodega Marine Lab research Aquilino, Kristin 02/04/15
New Ocean Study Shows Alarming Pattern in Ice Age Oxygen Loss Bodega Marine Lab research Moffitt, Sarah 01/30/15
The Oceanography Society and Women in Oceanography Publication - Tessa Hill, Ann Russell, and Marisol Garcia-Reyes Biographies Included Faculty Honors Hill, Tessa; Russell,Ann; and Garcia-Reyes, Marisol mm/dd/yy
Tessa Hill, CMSI Associate Director of Academic Programs, Announced as UC Davis Chancellor Fellow Faculty Honors Hill, Tessa 01/05/15
UC Davis and the Exploratorium Celebrate the New Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute Events CMSI 11/19/14
John Largier Invited to Serve Second Term for the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary Faculty Honors Largier, John 10/21/14
Tessa Hill Nominated to the California Academy of Sciences as a New Academy Fellow Faculty Honors Hill, Tessa 10/10/14
Slime-Producing Molecules Help Spread Disease From Cats to Sea Otters Research Shapiro, Karen 10/07/14
Bay Area Oysters Show Symptoms of Climate Change Bodega Marine Lab research Hill, Tessa 09/20/14
Ecosystem Models for Fisheries Management: Finding the Sweet Spot Workshops CMSI 07/28/14
John Largier Featured on KQED's Forum Research publicity Largier, John 06/18/14
Concern About Ocean Acidity Prompting New Attention Research publicity Huffman, Jared 06/16/14
James Sanchirico among 2014 Distinguished Scholarly Public Service award recipients Faculty honors Sanchirico, James 04/08/14
Professor John Largier elected to Council of The Oceanography Society Faculty honors Largier, John 01/17/14
Marine and coastal science — it’s our newest major Programs Undergraduates 11/12/13
Institute to usher in new era of marine sciences at UC Davis Programs CMSI 08/22/13