William Sydeman

Bill Sydeman

Bill Sydeman is the President and Senior Scientist at the Farallon Institute in Petaluma, California. Previously, Bill was the Director of Marine Ecology at PRBO Conservation Science from 1992-2007.  Spanning over 35 years of ecological research primarily in the Northeast Pacific, Bill is an ecosystem scientists who has been "studying down the food chain", with research efforts focused on seabirds, forage fish, zooplankon (emphasis on krill), and predator-prey relationships relative to upwelling and climate change.  Bill serves on various panels and committees including the Advisory Panel for Marine Birds and Mammals of the North Pacific Marine Science Organization and the Science Advisory Team for the California's Ocean Protection Council.  Bill holds a B.Sc. in biology from Lewis and Clark College and a PhD in ecology from the University of California at Davis.  Bill has published approximately 150 articles in the primary literature.

Website:  http://www.faralloninstitute.org/team.php