Disease in Pacific Salmonids: Research, Monitoring, and Management Workshop - March 14, 2018

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Date:  March 14, 2018

Time:  8:30a.m.-4:30p.m.

Location:  UC Davis, ARC Ballroom A

Registration:  The event will be free and open to the public with registration. 

Symposium Planning Committee

Alison Collins, The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California; Eva Bush, Delta Science Program; Nann Fangue, UC Davis; Nir Oksenberg, Delta Science Program; Rachel Johnson, NOAA Fisheries; Richard Connon, UC Davis; Shauna Oh, UC Davis

Title: Disease in Pacific salmonids: research, monitoring, and management


Along the west coast of the United States, pathogens and disease have been linked to declining numbers of salmonids and identified as a stressor resulting in mortality. Disease can result in the ultimate or proximate cause of fish mortality. In adult salmon, morality events spurred by diseased are commonly observed under high spawning densities and warm water temperatures. In juvenile salmon, pathogens and diseases cause acute mortality but can also impact swimming performance and susceptibility to predation. There are many unanswered questions regarding the linkages between environmental conditions and the role that pathogens and disease play in salmon population productivity. During this workshop we will 1) explore our current state of knowledge about salmon pathogens and disease in California, 2) learn about the tools that are available and being developed to better study disease and disease impacts, 3) examine cases studies from other river systems that have integrated monitoring and research to manage in-season disease effects on salmon, and 4) identify key information and knowledge gaps necessary to fill to guide research and management of pathogens and disease in wild salmon populations.

AGENDA (as of 3/13/18)

8:30         CHECK-IN

9:00         WELCOME

          JOHN CALLAWAY, Delta Science Program

          SHAUNA OH, UC Davis

9:10-10:00    SESSION 1: Pathogens and disease in salmon: current knowledge and methods of study

          Moderator: ALISON COLLINS, The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

          BEATRIZ MARTINEZ , UC Davis

Title of presentation: Novel approaches for the monitoring and modeling of infectious diseases in salmon populations

           ESTEBAN SOTO, UC Davis

Title of presentation: Aquatic Animal Health Program at UC Davis: What we do and why we do it….

10:00-10:40   SESSION 2: West Coast Case Studies: Monitoring and managing for disease

          Moderator:  NANN FANGUE, UC Davis

          SCOTT FOOT, US Fish and Wildlife Service

Title of presentation: Ceratonova shasta and Parvicapsula minibicornis infection in Sacramento and Feather River juvenile Chinook salmon: Spatial, temporal, and river condition influence on disease severity


Title of presentation: California Department of Fish and Wildlife Fish Health Laboratory Health Monitoring Program for the state hatchery system

10:40-11:00   BREAK

11:00-12:00   SESSION 2 CONTINUED

          Moderator: NANN FANGUE, UC Davis

          SASCHA HALLETT, Oregon State University

Title of presentation: Monitoring a fish pathogen to inform management and models: A three-pronged program for Ceratonova shasta in the Klamath River

          NICHOLAS SOM, US Fish and Wildlife Service

Title of presentation: Metrics that matter: ensuring that monitoring programs inform relevant demographics, and using multiple lines of (potentially incomplete) evidence to summarize the state of science for decision makers

          DAVE HILLEMEIER, Yurok Tribe

Title of presentation: The integration of science and management to control disease on the Klamath River

12:00–1:20   LUNCH BREAK (ON YOUR OWN)

Nearby dining venues on campus include Segundo Dining Commons (located directly northeast of the ARC); Peet's and restaurants @ the Silo (Gunrock Pub, Crepe Bistro, Spokes Grill, and Silo Market) and food trucks @ the Silo (rotation of popular food trucks).

1:20-2:20     SESSION 3: Science Information and Management

          Moderator: RICHARD CONNON, UC Davis

          TOWNS BURGESS, Bureau of Reclamation

Title of presentation: Implications of Salmonid Disease Concerns to Operations at Army Corps Dams in the Columbia River Basin

          MAUREEN PURCELL, US Geologic Survey

Title of presentation: Integrative approaches for studying freshwater and marine fish diseases


Title of presentation: Economics and farmed fish health management

2:20-2:40      BREAK

2:40-4:00     SESSION 3 CONTINUED

          Moderator: RACHEL JOHNSON, NOAA Fisheries/UC Davis

          JEFFREY FISHER, Marine Institute, Ireland

Title of presentation: Fish and Shellfish Disease Management in Ireland

          KRISTI MILLER, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada

Title of presentation: A highly diversified approach to defining the salmon disease-scape in British Columbia and exploring linkages with salmon declines