California Salmon and Climate Variability Symposium - September 10, 2015 - UC Davis

Center for Coastal Ocean Issues Symposium
Location:  UC Davis Student Community Center
Update - 9/17/15:
  Symposium speaker videos are now available!  Please click here to view videos from the Symposium.
  Finalized symposium program - click here.



~Please note that registration was capped at 170 attendees for this symposium due to seating capacity.~

Video recording of this symposium will be available on the CMSI website within one week after the symposium.

(Registration for the symposium is free, but lunch onsite can be pre-purchased for $10.00.  If you do not wish to purchase lunch, please enter EPMEPZFBGC in the Coupon Code box on the registration page.)

This one-day symposium will explore recent scientific progress toward understanding how variable and changing ocean and hydrologic conditions affect Central Valley salmon and their management. Topics include the feedbacks between climate and flows on salmon populations, in understanding the effects of biodiversity on population stability, and how hatcheries and fisheries affect salmon.

The goal of the symposium is to contribute to the ongoing discussions between the research and stakeholder communities and policymakers on the management implications of the scientific progress through moderated panel discussions. The symposium builds on the results presented at the 2010 UC Davis- Delta Science Program CABA Symposium on Factors Influencing the Salmon Decline in California and the Pacific Northwest.

Breaks and a poster session will provide opportunities for networking and sharing additional scientific research results or information on management programs.

The California Salmon and Climate Variability Symposium is convened by the UC Davis Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute Center for Coastal Ocean Issues and the Delta Stewardship Council Delta Science Program.


  • Communicate recent scientific advancements to relevant stakeholders
  • Identify how these advancements can help inform management
  • Stimulate conversations about next steps and arising needs
  • Facilitate collaborations among the research, management and stakeholder communities

Call for Posters:

We are looking for submissions of posters from academia, management and industry, describing ongoing salmon research, exciting new restoration, recovery or management programs, and encouraging preliminary results.

The poster presentation session at the California Salmon and Climate Variability Symposium will provide an opportunity to share your current research, management or restoration projects focused on California Central Valley salmon. Posters will also be available to view during breaks and are intended to provide authors and participants with an opportunity to engage in discussions and identify opportunities to collaborate.

Symposium participants interested in presenting a poster should complete the Google form by August 24. Given the space limitations, we are limited to 30 posters.


8:30-9:00                 Sign-in/ Registration

9:00-9:10                 Welcome

                                             Jim Sanchirico, UC Davis Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute

                                             Cliff Dahm, Delta Stewardship Council, Delta Science Program                                         

9:10-9:40                 Keynote address

                                              Rachel Johnson, NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center, UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences

                                                Conserving Chinook salmon at the southern end of their range:  challenges and opportunities


9:40-10:40              Panel 1: Ocean Productivity  (Moderator - Louis Botsford)

                                              Emanuele Di Lorenzo, Georgia Institute of Technology

                                                   Changing character of North Pacific decadal variability and impacts on salmon

                                              Nathan Mantua, NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center

                                                   A regional-scale view of climate impacts on California's salmon habitats

                                              William Sydeman, Farallon Institute

                                                   Krill of the California Current:  relevance to salmon in the greater Gulf of the Farallones region

10:40-11:00            Break

11:00-12:00            Panel 2: Freshwater Influences  (Moderator - Stephanie Carlson)

                                              Peter Moyle, UC Davis   

                                                   Saving salmon in a changing California                                    

                                              Sean Hayes, NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center

                                                    Juvenile Chinook challenges in the Central Valley:  baked, boiled or bass turds?

                                               Ted Sommer, California Department of Water Resources

                                                    Gimme Shelter:  How habitat restoration can help improve salmon resiliency to climate change

12:00-1:00              Lunch  (on-site for registrants who pre-paid for lunch)

1:10-2:10                Panel 3: Population Response to Variability and Change  (Moderator - Marissa Baskett)

                                              Stephanie Carlson, UC Berkeley

                                                   Population diversity and the portfolio effect

                                              Michelle McClure, NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center

                                                   Diversity, climate change and recovery of salmonids in the Columbia Basin and beyond

                                              Louis Botsford, UC Davis  

                                                   Influences of the marine environment, the portfolio effect and cohort resonance on

                                                  Pacific salmon                                          

2:10-2:30                 Break

2:30-3:30                 Panel 4: Management  (Moderator - Jim Sanchirico)

                                              Maria Rea, NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region

                                              Rene Henery, Trout Unlimited

                                              John McManus, Golden Gate Salmon Association

                                              Stafford Lehr, California Department of Fish and Wildlife 

                                              Les Grober, Division of Water Rights, State Water Resources Control Board

                                              Ted Sommer, California Department of Water Resources

3:30-4:30                 Panel 5: Science and Management Dialogue  (Moderator - Jim Sanchirico)

                                              Panel 4 + one speaker from Panels 1-3 + Steve Lindley

4:30-5:00                 Poster Session  (Click on name to view poster)

                                              Goertler, Pascale; Schreier, Brian; Sommer, Ted

                                               Yamane, Lauren; Botsford, Louis; Kilduff, D. Patrick

Symposium Planning Committee:

Marissa Baskett (UC Davis), Louis Botsford (UC Davis), Marina Brand (Delta Science Program), Stephanie Carlson (UC Berkeley), Sam Harader (Delta Science Program), Michael Harty (Kearns & West), Steve Lindley (NOAA SWFSC), Jay Lund (UC Davis), Shauna Oh (UC Davis), Maria Rea (NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region), Jim Sanchirico (UC Davis), Kevin Shaffer (CA Department of Fish and Wildlife), Michael Weber (Resources Legacy Fund).