CMSI Symposium - March 19, 2015 - UC Davis


On March 19, 2015, scores of researchers from across our campus gathered for the CMSI Research Symposium.  Convened to bring together UC Davis colleagues from diverse disciplines and Colleges, the day was packed with pithy 5-minute presentations that provided an overview of more than 50 research groups.  Including presentations from groups stationed at Bodega Marine Laboratory and the School of Veterinary Medicine, topics included ecology, economics, oceanography, one health, meteorology, climate change, genomics, conservation and pollution.  The symposium validated our motivation in establishing the Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute, showcasing the immense breadth and depth of coastal and marine research at UC Davis – and the potential to enhance the impact of coastal and marine sciences research and education at UC Davis through collaboration.

Centered on internal networking, the day was comprised of presentations and unstructured discussions during five breaks before, during and after presentations.  Resonating through the day were critical environmental issues and cutting edge research challenges in marine and coastal environments.  CMSI engages the legacy of UC Davis strength in connecting forefront research with real-world problems, enthusiastically engaging both.  Climate change means ocean acidification, enhanced coastal upwelling, rising sea levels, reduced snowpack runoff and several more phenomena that cannot be effectively addressed with silo-based research.  Conservation of native fishes and invertebrates rely upon field-based and theory-based studies in physiology, genetics, oceanography, wetland ecology, economic valuation and more.  Development of coastal lands impacts ocean waters and coasts in diverse ways, including pollution, resource extraction, wildlife disease, wetland loss, and fisheries – again, a critical challenge of our time that cannot be effectively tackled by researchers working without context.

As much an inventory as a speed-dating exercise, we all left after an intense day buoyed by the confirmation that there is an abundance of excellent colleagues at UC Davis working across the spectrum of coastal and marine sciences (plural indicating the inclusion of social sciences, economic sciences, engineering sciences, health sciences, physical sciences and biological sciences).  Although it is five years since the first research symposium held pre-CMSI in Bodega Bay, the success of the day argues for this being a more frequent event.  And the energy emanating from the day promises a rapid realization of the CMSI goal of fostering innovative partnerships for discovering, understanding and communicating science for effective stewardship of ocean and coastal environments in California and beyond.

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