• Coherent identity: coalesce marine scientists on the main campus and at Bodega Marine Laboratory
  • Sustainability: preserve the economic, ecological, and social benefits of the ocean and coastal environment
  • Stewardship: understand, protect, and enhance the value of ocean and coastal environments
  • Interdisciplinarity: define, pursue, and solve major challenges facing the coast and ocean
  • Connectivity: between the land and sea, between places in the ocean, between academic disciplines and stakeholders (Sierra-to-the-Sea framework)
  • Partnerships: build relationships to leverage resources; address problems together; fair and honest brokers among partners
  • Innovation: new ideas, collaborations, approaches, and solutions
  • Effectiveness: achieve success
  • Quality: continue the UC Davis tradition of research and educational excellence

CMSI also aims to incorporate what is known as the Sierra-to-Sea Framework, which integrates the local and global connections between California's key features: the Sierra Nevada mountains, the Central Valley, San Francisco Bay, and the coast. Through this framework, CMSI will contribute to and expand on existing research regarding the environmental, social, and economic links between these state features and coastal and marine science. The establishment of CMSI in such an advantageous part of California will provide a better understanding of the marine environments that are so close to us. By better understanding the coastal marine environment, we can develop sustainable solutions for land, freshwater, and marine environments.